Why do I use essential oils? And other random stuff.

I am new to blogging and still a little unsure of what I am doing! However, I know I want to share what essential oil use has meant for me. I did a lot of reading and researching on essential oil uses prior to making my decision. My choice was to go with doTERRA. I can not say enough how much I value this company and the benefits they bring to my family. My medicine cabinet has been purged as well as cleaning products. I do it all with oils now. Over time, I plan to share natural solutions for your family’s well-being and natural cleaning products for your home.

I am about to be a Nanna again (YAY) and I am looking into diaper cream for babies, talc free powder and more. There is a diaper bag makeover I will share in the next few days too.

Essential Oils, by doTERRA, can be used three ways, aromatically, topically (typically with a carrier oil) or some can be used internally. I can’t wait to share different uses and how they have helped me.

The first oil I used was Serenity. My oldest grandson (Ethan) lives with us and we both can not sleep well. WOW is all I can say after using it the first night. The next morning we woke, up looked at each other and said the same thing, at the same time!! “I feel rested!” Ethan is becoming quite the expert on which oil to use for what concern he has! He is only 13 and is learning how to seek natural solutions for his health!!

I grew up in a small farming town and when we were sick my grandmother would go outside and bring in some bark, herbs or something else and make something for me to drink, rub on, etc. I always got better. I see this as getting back to basics.

Now, my husband, Jeff has not embraced this as quickly as Ethan and I have. He calls them my “witch oils”. But, on an almost daily basis now, he comes to me with a concern and asks if I have an oil for that and I always do. He keeps some roller balls and other oils in his truck and golf bag now. He still says he is not sure, but he can not argue with the results he is getting.

I hope as you join me you have patience as I learn to blog and share parts of my day with you. Some blogs will be about my family, my friends and our adventures, how I am eating gluten free (I have a severe gluten allergy) and life in general.

Let’s learn together and through this all I will share my growing knowledge and love of essential oils. You can contact me at eessentiallynanna@gmail.com  I would love to help you learn to explore natural solutions for your family and for your home.

We are expecting snow and ice here in Georgia over the next two days. I don’t like the cold. I am in front of the fire, nervous about publishing this for the first time.

Talk more soon!

Barbara – Essentially Nanna