WOW!! Life has been busy!! Missed this!

I have not been able to update the blog due to several  tough life events. It has been a  really tough few months. I am back and in full force now. Sorry, I have been gone, but I was where I needed/had to be. I have missed this and can not wait to share more information. Be watching later, I have something to give away to say thanks for waiting on me.’Tis the season!!!

Here is one great thing that has happened to me over the last several months that has brought me much happiness in a difficult time…… Meet my new grandson, Benjamin David Phillips Jr.






BOGO Sale Starts Monday 8/17-8

imageThis is a great BOGO sale that starts on Monday and runs through Friday! Now is the time to stock up on oils and other items! Each daily special will be a surprise and will be announced each morning!

If you have been thinking about opening and account with doTERRA;  now is the time! This offer is good for new accounts too!  💧🎉❤️

I also have some free items for anyone getting started with a new oil kit! Text me for information at 404-617-3194, email me at, or ask questions below!

I am stocking up this week! 😊