me  Hi, this is me! Nanna (Barbara Martin) Nice to meet you.

I am the proud Nanna of four grandchildren, Ethan (13), Cannon (5), Maks  (4) and Opal (3). I also just found out I am about the have a 5th grandchild. The baby is due September 18th! I am beyond excited. Being a Nanna is one of my most favorite things that I get to do. I have a love of essential oils too so my husband created the name – Essentially Nanna!

I love to read, cook, and spend time with my family and friends. If I could do this all at a beach, well, that would just be “icing on the cake” . Speaking of cake, it would have to be gluten free as I have a severe gluten allergy. Have to keep an epi-pen on me at all times. So, I have added many gluten free dishes to my favorite recipes.

My oldest grandson lives with us and we both have trouble sleeping. A friend told me about her success with essential oils and I decided, what the heck, I have tried everything else. To be completely honest, I was very skeptical about using essential oils. However, the morning after my grandson and I tried one, we both woke up rested! We looked at each other, basically asking was this for real. We tried it the second night, we slept better again. Now,  I am not a doctor or a nurse  and here comes the official disclaimer:  nothing on this website is intended to diagnose or cure any disease.  But, I don’t think you need me for that. God has provided everything we need to live healthy and wonderfully on a daily basis.  Take responsibility for your own health.  Listen to your body.  Ask why.  Learn about natural medicine.  Eat real food (being gluten free helped me do this). Live a healthy and happy you.

doTERRA is now a business for me and I use essential oils for everything in my house. When I say everything  I use them for soothing minor skin irritations or sore muscles to cleaning my house. I use my oils DAILY! . I have a growing team and am earning supplemental money for my family. I am looking for others who want to learn more about natural remedies for you and your family. I would estimate you need to set aside 15 hours a week to grow a business less to learn how to make better decisions for your family. Contact me and let me help you learn how.

Here’s to a healthy you,

Barbara Martin

Essenntially Nanna



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